AYRP-episode 1

Gamechanging Tips To

level Up Your Productivity

On this first episode I share why I created Raw Potential and dive DEEP into a plethora of VERY effective productivity "hacks" to tackle your ever mounting to-do list while being intentional with your time and focus. 

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

Grab The Plan & Conquer Sheet!

I created this one page sheet to help you focus on your top priorities for the day. there's also a section to jot down what you're grateful for and what your main 3 goals are for the year and you can check off the key habits that you need to run in your day to show up as your world class self! 


This is my GO TO website blocking tool! You can set up plans to block specific sites and programs on your computer while allowing access to what you really need. If you attempt to open a blocked resource it will close the tab automatically. You acn also put focus.me in force mode which makes you have to reset your computer in order to edit the plan settings. Talk about a NUCLEAR option! As I said it's like fort Knox for your productivity. 


This is one of the most popular website and app blocking tools available. The benefit with Freedom compared to Focus.me is that it's cross platform compatible. There's an app for your phone and a desktop feature. It works very similarly to focus.me except you can't create a whitelist (allow sites) Also kind of a pain in the ass to add websites or apps to block on mobile. 


A really fun multiplatform (like freedom) site/app bloker that will show you images of a dog trying to eat popcorn or grandma with her finger up as a reminder that you shouldn't be opening that site you told yourself just minutes before you would have the discipline to prevent yourself from doing. 


Awesome site and app that has a multitude of focus enhancing sounds layered with binaural beats to entrain your brain to get in the zone. Also sounds for relaxation and sleep. On the app you can save sounds to favorites and even play them offline. Great when you have your phone in airplane mode. 


This app is cool because it's a fusion of different options. Besides the HQ soundscapes of rain, bamboo forest, fire crackling, wind rustling, cat purring (seriously),tea pot brewing, coffee grounds being grinded there's also mini meditation sessions to help with focus, anxiety,etc. Tide.fm has a "work mode" feature that serves as a Pomodoro timer along with the chosen sound. Or my fav is the flip mode feature in work mode where you have to flip the phone before the timer and sound starts.


In this app virtual trees are slowly planted as the timer ticks down. Each virtual planting session gives you coins that you can use to purchase other types of trees AND get this: you can even use these coins to plant REAL TREES in places like Africa. If you attempt to use your phone or access other sites (on the chrome extension) it will kill your cute little tree.

Marinara Timer

A classic pomodoro timer with a HUGE set of numbers. I like that you can see the time ticking down in the tab. Also doubles as a kitchen timer. Web only.

ONN ANC Earbuds (Walmart)

I've tried several different types of noise cancelling earbuds in the hopes of being able to completely (or at least almost completely) shut off the world around me so I can truly get in the zone of genius and win. I used to have airpod pros that were incredible. No hiss or feedback from the ANC. But I lost e'm. So I decided to use these bad boys from Walmart! Only $50. Well happy to say they are just as good if not BETTER than airpod pros. There is pretty much zero hiss. Not taht i can detect anyway. They pair automatically. Just get these because your business and future dominating self will thank you!

Spotify (Focus Playlist)

Check out this playlist filled with engaging focus sounds to help you hone in on that important task and ignite your creative flow.

320 MP3 (Youtube Audio Downloader)

Using this you can download videos from youtube (or in this case focus/ambient music) Then I like to save each audio in a folder called focus mix and as a playlist called "focus mix" in my laptops audio player . In windows you can add the playlist as a live tile in the startup menu so when you click on it it automatically plays!

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